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The CSUAC collection is free, but it is not in the public domain.  The download and usage of the CSUAC are subject to an End User License Agreement (EULA).  Please download and read the EULA before downloading or using the CSUAC!


Download the EULA.  Click here!  (PDF file - 152 KB).


The CSUAC is a 600 MB collection of Fractal Mapper 8 symbol and fill patterns and Dundjinni objects and textures.  It includes graphical mapping material in these categories:


·             Fantasy.

·             Modern.

·             Science Fiction.


The following hyperlinks open authorized mirror sites for downloading the CSUAC.  You may not further distribute the content of these websites except as noted in the EULA!



Download the Dundjinni version of the CSUAC.  Click here!

From Daniel Pryor's authorized MapForge website


Download the Fractal Mapper 8 version of the CSUAC.  Click here!

From the authorized Vintyri mirror website in Germany


Download the Campaign Cartographer 3+ Version 2 compatibility pack.  Click here!

Download and install this new, extended compatibility pack.  It will integrate the FM8 version completely into CC3+, add toolbar steering, templates and integration into Dungeon Designer 3, City Designer 3 and Cosmographer 3.



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