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Current:  Version 2.1, October 15, 2016


·            The End User License Agreement


The CSUAC collection is free, but it is not in the public domain.  The download and usage of the CSUAC are subject to an End User License Agreement (EULA).  Please download and read the EULA before downloading or using the CSUAC!


PLEASE NOTE:  The Vintyri Project's support services for this product are available exclusively per E-Mail at info@vintyri.org.  We do not monitor the ProFantasy forums or mailing lists.


Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

If you have problems with your installation of the Dundjinni Archives, check this website.  It has the solutions for all problems that users have reported to date.

Open:  http://www.vintyri.org/vintyri/faq_cc3p.htm


Download the EULA.  Click here!  (PDF file - 152 KB).


The CSUAC is a 702 MB collection of CC3+ symbols and fill styles.  It includes graphical mapping material in two categories:


·             Fantasy.

·             Modern and Science Fiction.


csuac_2.jpgWindows users:  Download this file:

http://www.vintyri.org/downloads/csuac_2_setup.zip  (702 MB – 701.143 KB)



LINUX and Mac Users:  Download this file and unzip it into (Data Folders)\Profantasy\CC3Plus:


http://www.vintyri.org/downloads/csuac_2_setup_lm.zip  (694 MB – 693.195 KB)



IMPORTANT!  There are files that need a back-up and other steps that you must take to install the CSUAC 2.0!  Please read the installation guide carefully before installing and follow it carefully while installing!



What's Different in Version 2?


CC3+ maps reach their best graphical quality when the symbols and fill styles are available in at least three resolutions and, when possible, four resolutions.  Gerri Broman's original CC3  and CC3+ conversions offered only the single resolution used by FM8.  The main difference between this earlier CSUAC integration and Version 2 is that the new version now offers the FM8 fill styles in multiple resolutions, as follows:


·            All CD3-style city symbols are offered in four resolutions:  Very high (VH), high (HI), low (LO) and very low (VL).


·            All other symbols and the CSUAC fill styles are offered in three resolutions:  High (HI), low (LO) and very low (VL).


Naturally, one might ask why the very high (VH) resolution is missing from the fill style- and dungeon-symbol integration.  As mentioned, all of the CSUAC symbols were created for Dundjinni, which uses a single scale of 40 pixels = 1 scale foot.  The 40-pixel scale is equal to the VH resolution of CD3, but it is equal only to the HI resolution scale that DD3 sets for dungeon symbols.  DD3 defines a VH scale of 100 pixels = 1 scale foot.  There are no CSUAC symbols at this scale.  Therefore, it's impossible to make dungeon symbols at the VH scale.


Likewise, CC3+ defines the VH resolution for fill styles at 500 x 500 pixels and the HI resolution as 200 x 200 pixels.  Dundjinni uses a single fill style resolution of 200 x 200 pixels.  Therefore, it's impossible to make CSUAC fill styles at the VH scale.


While the addition of multi-resolution symbols and fill styles is the main improvement offered in Version 2, the new edition also offers a number of other features previously unavailable to CC3+ users:


·            Integration of dungeon and city symbols into DD3 and CD3.  Structural symbols implement the CD3 demographic coloring system and, where applicable, CD3 automatic street alignment.  However, due to license restrictions, we could not implement CD3 roof shadowing.


·            Templates now are available for overland, dungeon and city maps that add the CSUAC fill styles and that also add both the CSUAC fill styles and those from the Bogie's Mapping Objects collection.


·            The new Vintyri toolbar system, introduced with Bogie's Mapping Objects, has been added and extended in Version 2.


·            The CC3+ catalogs for the CSUAC and the new toolbars have been reorganized to apply better to the way that CC3+ works rather than according to the Dundinni menu design.


·            The catalogs and toolbars now separate fantasy RPG symbols from those intended for modern and science fiction RPGs.




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