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A Tale of 2 Books

Chapter 4:  The Fallen Empire Trail  (Freeware)

An epic module in an epic adventure for the Dungeons Daring™

and OGL 3.5 fantasy roleplaying games.



Trailsendthe 5th part of this adventure, is the grand finale, but A Tale of 2 Books is its roleplaying climax.  The fallen high draug (undead), Martröð, left behind the true bodies of his powerful dark draugs in his polar ice castle, where the great druids intend to go to destroy them.  To enter the castle, however, they need its lost ice key.  The high draug also left behind his Black Book of Martröð which contains the secrets of the world's most powerful dark magic, and one of his red draugs has the book and is learning from it.


The PCs' mission?  Explore as many as six castle ruins with dungeons – two of them middle-sized "killer dungeons" – and travel through a corrupt and dangerous human land, an orc-infested mountain valley and cross a river filled with swamp draugs to enter a land ruled by vampires while searching for the key and book.  It's all in an illustrated, bookmarked PDF file of 832 pages with a 196-page PDF of Player Handouts.  Maps and character portraits are available in editable form 



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A Tale of 2 Books, Bookmarked, illustrated PDF, 832 Pages, 2.3 GB, Download

A Tale of 2 Books – Player Handouts,* Bookmarked, illustrated PDF, 196 Pages, 376 MB, Download

A Tale of 2 Books, ODT file**, 349 MB, Download

A Tale of 2 Books, original maps in FM8 FMP-Format, Download Files

A Tale of 2 Books, original NPC portraits in CA3 -FCW-Format, Download