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Jörðgarð Products and Release Dates


Here's the current and planned product palette:


·                 Book 1:  Urð's Heimskringla.  A 402-page PDF history of the world known as the Jörð.  Released January 10, 2012.

·                 Book 2:  Game Master's Guide.  Released June 9, 2014.

·                 Book 3:  Players' Guide.  Released May 7, 2014.

·                 Book 4:  Atlas of the Jörð.  No release date announced yet.

·                 Book 5, Volume 1:  The Northwest, Ása: Slovania.  648 PDF pages.  Released February 1, 2014

·                 Book 5, Volume 2:  The Northwest, Ása: Ruins of the Æsir Empire.  254 PDF pages.  Released February 1, 2014

·                 Book 5, Volume 3:  The Northwest, Ása: The North Kingdom and the Dreadlands.  174 PDF pages.  Released February 1, 2014

·                 Book 5, Volume 4:  The Northwest, Karelenland, Northland, Gold Cost, Auðarhome, Orchome, Dungeons Daring and OGL 3.5         Game Statistics for Volumes I-IV.  446 PDF pages.  Released May 7, 2014

·                 Book 6:  The Northeast, Miðgarð, Ásgarð, Trollheim, Pays du Franc and Soltiera.  Projected Release 2019.

·                 Jörðgarð Trails Adventures – Fallen Empire Trail, Part 1, Too Many Clues:  338 PDF Pages, Released October 15, 2014

·                 Jörðgarð Trails Adventures – Fallen Empire Trail, Part 2, Draug Hunters:  500 Pages, Released July 20, 2015

·                 Jörðgarð Trails Adventures – Fallen Empire Trail, Part 3, In the Salt Mine:  396 Pages, Released October 23, 2017.

·                 Jörðgarð Trails Adventures – Fallen Empire Trail, Part 4, A Tale of 2 Books, Projected Release 2018.



In addition to the PDFs, the following also are available:


·             Open Source Reference Document versions of all PDFs.  These OSRD versions give you the ability to the Open Gaming Content or our books in your word processing program, where you can use the Windows Clipboard (Ctrl + C/Ctrl + V) to copy content and use it elsewhere.  That could be a use in your own RPG campaign.  Or you might want to use our Open Game Content in a product of your own making.  It also gives you the ability to modify our texts to fit your own campaign's needs.  These texts are in the .odt format of OpenOffice.org Writer and LibreOffice.org Writer, both free open source programs.  These files also can be used in modern versions of Microsoft® Word.


·             Original Maps, Floor Plans, Dungeon Plans and Scenarios in editable format.  To use these files, you'll need the program Fractal Mapper 8 from NBOS Software.  With it, you can customize our maps, floor plans, dungeon plans and scenarios to suit your own needs, for your campaign, for your own publications, or both.  A total of 211 maps, floor plans, dungeon plans, encounter scenarios, heralds and trail symbols is available.


·             Character Portraits in editable format.  To use these files you'll need the programs Campaign Cartographer™ 3 and Character Artist™ 3 from ProFantasy Ltd.  With them, you can edit and customize any or all of these portraits for your own use.  For JPG versions, open the Open Source Reference Document version of the text and then mark, cut and paste the desired portraits.  the Northwest includes 224 character portraits.  Another 42 portraits are available for Too Man Clues, the first Jörðgarð Trails adventure.