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Fractal Mapper 8 and

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Free RPG symbols/objects and textures/fills from one of the leading makers of third party raster graphics in RPG fantasy cartographer.  Free for personal and commercial use.


Current:  October 15, 2016


Bogie's Mapping Objects includes more than 100 fills (textures) and more than 1,000 symbols (objects).  In addition to general collections for dungeon and city mapping, the collection also includes Bogie's Redthorn Tavern, generally considered to be the definitive graphical collection for mapping floor plans of taverns and inns.


Sample Maps with Bogie's Mapping Objects from author S D McDaniel


Horn and Stars Tavern_Floor 1lrg.jpg

Horn & Stars Tavern – Ground Floor (made with Campaign Cartographer 3+)

Copyright © 2016, S M McDaniel, all rights reserved


Downloading and Installing Bogie's Mapping Objects




The Dundjinni edition.


Download:   (338.258 MB)


Installation:  Unzip the file into a temporary folder and then run the file dj_bogie_setup.exe.  See the downloaded, bookmarked PDF bogie_guide_dj.pdf for full installation instructions.







The Fractal Mapper 8 edition.


Download:   (264.621 MB)


Installation:  Unzip the file into a temporary folder and then run the file fm8_bogie_setup.exe.  See the downloaded, bookmarked PDF fm8_guide_dj.pdf for full installation instructions.
















The Campaign Cartographer 3+ edition.


Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

If you have problems with your installation of the Dundjinni Archives, check this website.  It has the solutions for all problems that users have reported to date.



The installation of the CC3+ version requires special steps.  Read the installation guide before running the setup program!


Download:   (370 MB – 369.620 KB)


and follow the installation instructions.


Alternate for Mac and LINUX Users:


Some elements of the Windows setup program will not function properly with Mac and LINUX emulations.  Instead download this file:


Download:   (369.049 MB)


and unzip it  into (Data Folders)\ProFantasy\CC3Plus\.  Do not unzip this file into you Program Files folder!


PLEASE NOTE:  The Vintyri Project's support services for this product are available exclusively per E-Mail at  We do not monitor the ProFantasy forums or mailing lists.



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