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Vintyri™ Raster Mapping Tutorial

for Fractal Mapper™ 9



Fractal Mapper 8 users:  The Vintyri Raster Mapping Tutorial for Fractal Mapper 9

will not work with Fractal Mapper 8.



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NOTE:  When you download the tutorial package, you receive a file named FM9Tutorial.zip.  It contains two files named Setup.exe and MUST_READ_ME.txt.  Before you run Setup.exe, be sure to read the file named MUST_READ_ME.txt.  Certain requirements must be fulfilled, and certain decisions must be made before you can install the tutorial and its many accessory files successfully.  The instructions are in MUST_READ_ME.txt.


Raster Mapping with Fractal Mapper 9


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This PDF tutorial takes you step-by-step through the various methods of raster mapping to produce maps like the one (left) on the cover of the book.  It can be used as a learn-while-doing tutorial with instructions for each step taken in producing the sample maps.  The download package also includes finished map files of all the samples in the book.  Diverse themes also are explored:  How does one make symbols and fill patterns for FM9?  When the shape of the graphical objects is irregular, how does one make the outer white areas transparent?  And much more.


The tutorial tells you how to do a needle-in-the-haystack search for what you need, and, if you still haven't found it, where and how to search for it.  You also may need graphical mapping objects that fit a special theme, one that isn't covered at all in the collections below.  The tutorial tells you how to find them, regardless of whether they're free or commercial products that you can buy.


With step-by-step instructions and fully illustrated with screen shots of every operation, the user makes the first nine of the FM9 maps shown below.


The 10th map is a special case dealing with imported, commercial mapping tools.  Among commercial vendors, ProFantasy Ltd. in London now has made all its symbol sets compatible with FM9.  Particularly interesting for game masters running Dungeons & Dragons® campaigns are symbol sets 4, 5 and 6, which give the FM9 cartographer a large selection of tools created by D&D® cartographer Mike Schley to make D&D-style maps.  The 10th sample map below was made with FM9 and ProFantasy Symbol Sets 4 and 5.  To make this map with FM9, you must purchase and install these symbol sets.


In addition, in this tutorial, one learns how to make one's own symbols, how to add transparent parts to symbols that are not rectangular, how to define scale property, etc.  And it's all free.


For an enlarged view, click the map with the right mouse key!













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