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Vintyri™ Icon Set for Microsoft® Windows

includes icons for the Dungeons Daring™ game, the Jörðgarð™ campaign setting, the Vintyri Cartographic Collection and Vintyri tutorials



Please Note:


These icons are Copyright © 2003-2014, the Vintyri™ Project, all rights reserved.  Most of these icons contain protected trademarks.  This icon set is not Open Game Content.


This icon set is released solely for private use on computers that are under your own personal control.  Any commercial or other use of these icons is forbidden.  The transfer or distribution of these icons in any manner is forbidden.  These icons may not be used on Internet pages – private or public – and they may not be offered for Internet downloading.


The set includes all icons in the 64 x 64 Pixel format of Windows Vista, 7 and 8 and in the 32 x 32 Pixel format of earlier Windows versions.


I agree to these terms.  I want to download from the Jörðgarð website.  (174 KB)


I agree to these terms.  I want to download from the MediaFire mirror website.  (174 KB)