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The Vintyri™ Cartographic Collection

Free, open RPG symbols, objects, brushes, textures fill patterns and fill styles for use with Fractal Mapper™ 8, Dundjinni™, Campaign Carto-grapher™ 3+, The GIMP and Adobe® Photoshop®.


The Vintyri Cartographic Collection includes more than 100 fills (textures) and nearly 1,000 symbols (objects) and brushes.  Most of the objects replicate roof-down views of structures that are based upon historical European models.  The collection also includes a raster mapping tutorial and vector symbols for Fractal Mapper 8 and more than 1,000 vector symbols for Campaign Cartographer 2, Campaign Cartographer 2 Pro and Campaign Cartographer 3 and 3+.


The Vintyri Project will continue to develop symbols, graphics, maps and other tools, and these too will be released on a free. open gaming basis.




The Fractal Mapper 8

cartographic catalog edition.


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The Campaign Cartographer

cartographic catalog edition.


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The Dundjinni

cartographic catalog edition.


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The GIMP and Photoshop

cartographic catalog edition.


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