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Dungeons Daring
Version 4.01
& 4.01 Update

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The Dungeons Daring™ Fantasy Role-Playing Game

4th Edition


What is it?  It's a modern, ability-oriented RPG.  There are no character levels, experience points, skills, feats or saving throws, and character classes are optional.  It's free.  It's open game content.  And it's open source; all the texts, maps, dungeon plans, floor plans and scenarios are available in fully editable form.


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Go direct to the Dungeons Daring™ 4th Edition Downloads:


Available as bookmarked PDF files:  Players Guide, 440 Pages; Game Masters Guide, 242 Pages, and Creature Guide, 198 Pages …

also all maps, dungeon plans, floor plans, scenarios, creature graphics, reference documents and tools.


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Download older Dungeons Daring Edition:




1st, 2nd and 3rd Edition.


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Help for members of armed forces


We've received inquiries from members of armed forces of various nations who are stationed in foreign lands and who are unable to access our download site.  If you fall into this category, please inform us by E-Mail at info@vintyri.org, and we'll try to resolve the problem.