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Current:  October 20, 2019


PLEASE NOTE:  The Vintyri Project's support services for these products are available exclusively per E-Mail at  We do not monitor the ProFantasy forum.



The Vintyri Project distributes four add-on packages of symbols and fills for CC3+.  Please pick the package that you wish to download:


·       Bogies Mapping Objects

·       The CSUAC 2

·       The Dundjinni Archives

·       The Vintyri Cartographic Collection





Bogie's Mapping Objects



Free RPG symbols/objects and textures/fills from one of the leading makers of third party raster graphics in RPG fantasy cartographer.  Free for personal and commercial use.


Bogie's Mapping Objects includes more than 100 fills (textures) and more than 1,000 symbols (objects).  In addition to general collections for dungeon and city mapping, the collection also includes Bogie's Redthorn Tavern, generally considered to be the definitive graphical collection for mapping floor plans of taverns and inns.


Sample Maps with Bogie's Mapping Objects from author S D McDaniel


Bogie's Mapping Objects:  Horn & Stars Tavern – Ground Floor

(made with Campaign Cartographer 3+)

Copyright © 2016, S M McDaniel, all rights reserved


Downloading and Installing Bogie's Mapping Objects


The installation of the CC3+ version requires special steps.  Read the installation guide before running the setup program!


Download:   (370 MB – 369.620 KB)


and follow the installation instructions.


Alternate for Mac and LINUX Users:


Some elements of the Windows setup program will not function properly with Mac and LINUX emulations.  Instead download this file:


Download:  (369.049 MB)


and unzip it into (Data Folders)\ProFantasy\CC3Plus\.  Do not unzip this file into you Program Files folder!





(FM8 version ported)



Free RPG symbols/objects and textures/fills from Dundjinni cartographers, collected into the CSUAC by Cecil Solomon.  Free for personal and commercial use.

CSUAC, Copyright © 2004-2008, Cecil Solomon, all rights reserved.



The CSUAC collection is free, but it is not in the public domain.  The download and usage of the CSUAC are subject to an End User License Agreement (EULA).  Please download and read the EULA before downloading or using the CSUAC!


Download the EULA:  (PDF file - 152 KB).


The CSUAC is a 600 MB collection of fill patterns and symbols.  It includes graphical mapping material in these categories:


·             Fantasy.

·             Modern.

·             Science Fiction.


The following hyperlink opens the authorized mirror sites for downloading the installer to port the Fractal Mapper 8 version of the CSUAC into CC3+.  You may use these graphics in your maps for personal and commercial use, but you MAY NOT further distribute the content of these websites except as noted in the EULA!


Download for Windows Users:  (ca. 700 MB)

Download and install this new, extended compatibility pack.  It will integrate the FM8 version completely into CC3+, add toolbar steering, templates and integration into CC3+, Dungeon Designer 3, City Designer 3 and Cosmographer 3.


Download for LINUX and Mac Users:  (ca. 700 MB)



The Dundjinni Archives



Free RPG symbols/objects and textures fills from the Dundjinni Internet forums.  Free for personal and commercial use.


The Dundjinni Archives are one of the largest collections of free fantasy, modern and science fiction raster mapping objects available in the Internet.  This is a collection of symbols, objects, covers, floors, fill styles and textures created by members of the Dundjinni forums.  This collection includes user creations from 2008 to 2016, the years after creation of the free CSUAC collection of Dundjinni mapping objects from 2004 to 2008.


The Dundjinni Archives, Volumes 1, 2 and 3


·            Volume 1:  A collection of ISO-type symbols and covers for overland mapping.

·            Volume 2:  A collection fantasy maps.

·            Volume 3:  A collection of raster (PNG) symbols and fill styles for modern and science fiction maps.



Fixes two bugs in catalogs.  Install after the main installation::

Download:  (22 KB)


Volume 1:

Download:   (433.845 MB)


Volume 2:

Download:   (111.470 MB)


Volume 3:

Download:   (307.545 MB)


NOTE:  The ZIP file above for Volume 2 is one of five files that must be downloaded.  The total download size is 2.6 GB.  After downloading the file vol2_setup.exe, unzip it into a temporary folder.  It will contain both the setup file and the installation guide.  Read the guide and the instructions for downloading the remaining files and for installing the complete package.


Volume 3 – Cosmographer Extension:

Download:   (11.775 MB)


NOTE:  Volumes 2 and 3 extend the CSUAC.  They will function only if you already have installed the CSUAC 2.  Installation:  Unzip the files into a temporary folder.  This will produce the setup programs and the installation guides.  Follow the installation instructions in the guides.  The Cosmographer extension requires both the CSUAC 2 and the Dundjinni Archives Vol. 3.


Alternates for Mac and LINUX Users:


Some elements of the Windows setup program will not function properly with Mac and LINUX emulations.  Instead download these files und unzip them into (Data Folders)\Profantasy\CC3Plus:


Download:   (433.115 MB)

Download:   (103.646 MB)

     (Note: See the installation guide.  More files must be downloaded for Vol. 2!)

Download:   (296.814 MB)

Download:          (6.549 MB)




The Vintyri Cartographic Collection



Free RPG symbols/objects and textures fills from the Vintyri Project.  Free for personal and commercial use.


Version 2,0 (Released October 2019)


To avoid problems with the installation of this product, we strongly urge you to read the installation guide before you begin installing!  The installation guide will become available after you download and unzip the App ZIP file (see below).


Windows Users:  At the start, download only the App (below).  Unzip it into a temporary folder.  It will produce two files:


·       VCC Installation Guide CC3Plus.pdf.  This is the installation guide that you need to install the collection successfully.


·       VCC2_CC3P_Setup.exe.  This is the setup program for the app.  Additional files must be downloaded and installed to add the symbols and fill styles.  The necessary information is in the installation guide.


Linux and Mac Users:  At the start, download only the App (see below).  Unzip it into:


(Data Folders)\Profantasy\CC3Plus.


It will produce several files and folders.  Among them is the file VCC Installation Guide CC3+.pdf, which contains full instructions.




The installation guide is a PDF file.  It will take you step-for-step through the installation of the cartographic collection with screen shots that illustrate all of the important steps.  Using it will help you avoid having to reinstall the collection or possibly even CC3+ and the add-ons.  Be smart!  Use this free installation manual!





Downloading the App files:


Windows Users  Download the CC3+ app:

File:  (1.2 GB)

Unzip this file into a temporary folder and open VCC Installation Guide.pdf


Mac and LINUX Users:  Download the CC3+ app:

File:  (1.2 GB)

Unzip this file into (Data Folders)\Profantasy\CC3Plus andopen VCC Installation Guide.pdf



ALL the following ZIP files are required for the cartographic collection app to work correctly!  Download and then unzip them into a temporary folder.  After that, see the installation guide.  (1.6 GB)  (1.4 GB)  (1.7 GB)  (1.2 GB)



Anyone who works with the Vintyri Cartographic Collection should consider this booklet

to be a must!  It is included in the main download package.  You will find it in the folder:


(Data Files)\Profantasy\CC3Plus\Documentation


PDF, 212 pages, free, released under the Open Game License 1.0a

This booklet contains all you need to know to install these symbols, objects, fill patterns and textures and to make them work for you with Fractal Mapper™ 8.



The booklet also includes:


·                    For a quick reference while mapping, complete color illustrated catalogs of all the symbols and fill styles in the cartographic collection and their identification.


·                    Color photos of most of the symbols' historical prototype buildings.


·                    Explanations of why the replicated structures came to exist and what purposes they served.


·                    A detailed look at how to the use the symbols and objects in the cartographic collection to build credible cities, towns, villages, hamlets and thorps, based on the development pattern of real historical models.



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