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New – Bogie's Mapping Objects:


A free collection of more than 1,000 symbols and 100 fills for Dundjinni, Fractal Mapper 8 and Campaign Cartographer 3+ from master mapper Bogie.


New – CSUAC 2.0 for CC3+


A free, extended version





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Jörðgarð™ Campaign Setting

for Dungeons Daring™ and OGL 3.5 RPGs

Free fantasy role-playing game setting in bookmarked PDF-format.

Urð's Heimskringla, The Northwest, the Players' Guide, the Game Master's Guide and the adventure Too Many Clues now are in public release and are available for free download!  All texts, maps, dungeon plans, floor plans, scenarios and character portraits also are available in editable form


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Dungeons Daring™ 4th Edition

Free fantasy role-playing game in bookmarked PDF-format.  3 books:

Players Guide, Game Masters Guide and Creature Guide


All texts, maps, dungeon plans, floor plans and scenarios

also available in editable form


Open Game Content – Open Source Form.  Click here!


Jörðgarð Maps of the Week

Weekly download of free maps, dungeon plans, floor plans and scenarios

from the Jörðgarð campaign setting


All available in editable form and in JPG-format.


Open Game Content – Open Source Form.  Click here!


Vintyri Cartographic Collection

More than free 1,500 symbols, objects, fills and textures and a tutorial

for Fractal Mapper™ 8, Dundjinni™, Campaign Cartographer 3+, The GIMP™

and Adobe® Photoshop®


Open Game Content – Open Source Form.  Click here!





Bogie's Mapping Objects

Authorized Download Site for Dundjinni™, Fractal Mapper™ 8 and Campaign Cartographer™ 3

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CSUAC Cartographic Collection

Authorized Mirror Download Site for Fractal Mapper™ 8

and download links for Dundjinni™ and Campaign Cartographer™ 3.  Click here!






Vintyri Tools and Licensing Information


Download the Vintryi icons – private use only:  Click Here!  (174 KB)


Using our free products legally – private and commercial -

under the Open Game License 1.0a and Vintyri trademark licenses


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The Vintyri Project is committed to free, open source, open gaming


Free:  We sell nothing.  All Vintyri products are available free.


Open Source:  The original texts for Dungeons Daring and Jörðgarð are available free, both as PDFs and in editable form.  The original maps also can be downloaded and edited with Fractal Mapper™ 8.  Character portraits can be downloaded and edited with the combination Campaign Cartographer 3 and Campaign Artist 3.  This allows you to modify the content as you please.


Open Gaming:  All Vintyri products are released under the Open Game License 1.0a.  This gives you the right to use our material at no cost in your own published works.  The third party products Bogie's Mapping Objects and the CSUAC are released under End User License Agreements that permit the free personal and commercial usage.


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Fractal Mapper™ 8 is the official mapping program for the Vintyri Project.  For more information, go to:




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The Vintyri Project is the successor to the Projects Groups 1370™ and the earlier game design groups who created the Northern Journey™ adventure. which now is distributed by http://www.candlekeep.com .



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