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New:  Jörðgarð Trails

Fallen Empire Trail Part 4 of 5

A Tale of 2 Books.







A Tale of 2 Books

Chapter 4:  The Fallen Empire Trail  (Freeware)

An epic module in an epic adventure for the Dungeons Daring™

and OGL 3.5 fantasy roleplaying games.



Trailsendthe 5th part of this adventure, is the grand finale, but A Tale of 2 Books is its roleplaying climax.  The fallen high draug (undead), Martröð, left behind the true bodies of his powerful dark draugs in his polar ice castle, where the great druids intend to go to destroy them.  To enter the castle, however, they need its lost ice key.  The high draug also left behind his Black Book of Martröð which contains the secrets of the world's most powerful dark magic, and one of his red draugs has the book and is learning from it.


The PCs' mission?  Explore as many as six castle ruins with dungeons – two of them middle-sized "killer dungeons" – and travel through a corrupt and dangerous human land, an orc-infested mountain valley and cross a river filled with swamp draugs to enter a land ruled by vampires while searching for the key and book.  It's all in an illustrated, bookmarked PDF file of 832 pages with a 196-page PDF of Player Handouts.  Maps and character portraits are available in editable form


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Campaign Setting

for Dungeons Daring™

and OGL 3.5 RPGs

A free fantasy role-playing game setting in bookmarked PDF-format.  Urð's Heimskringla, The Northwest, the Players' Guide, the Game Master's Guide and the adventures Too Many Clues, Draug Hunters, In the Salt Mine and A Tale of 2 Books now are in public release and are available for free download!  All texts, maps, dungeon plans, floor plans, scenarios and character portraits also are available in editable form.  Fully editable Open Source Reference Document versions also are available for free download.


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Dungeons Daring 4th Edition

A free fantasy role-playing game in bookmarked PDF-format.  3 books:

Players Guide

Game Masters Guide

Creature Guide


All texts, maps, dungeon plans, floor plans and scenarios also available in editable form


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The Maps


Some 500 maps from Vintyri products are available for free download as Open Game Content.  This collection includes overland maps, town maps, battlemaps, floor plans and dungeon plans.


Vintyri Project maps are made with the software program Fractal Mapper 8™ from NBOS Software.  Other users of FM8 can download fully editable versions of all these maps in the native FMP format of FM8.  The downloads are free, and the maps are licensed for free private and commercial use.  They're available here:




JPG versions of these maps also are available and can be downloaded free from the NBOS homepage at https://www.nbos.com/nox.  JPG versions also can be extracted from the gaming materials.


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The Cartographic Tools


The Vintyri Project offers game masters who make their own maps a wide variety of tools – both of our own creation and under license from 3rd party sources – to make better maps and to improve one's own cartographic skills.


From our own workshop comes the Vintyri Cartographic Collection, a large collection of raster-based structural symbols based on actual European historical buildings from the Middle Ages.


In addition, we distribute the following collections:


Bogie's Mapping Objects


Dundjinni™ Archives


All these collections are free and licensed for personal and commercial use.  Together, they offer 20,425 new PNG symbols and 708 new PNG fill styles for these cartographic programs:


Fractal Mapper 8™ – Click here for more information.

Campaign Cartographer 3+™ -  Click here for more information

Dundjinni™ - Click here for more information

Other World Mapper™ - Click here for more information

*The GIMP™ and Adobe Photoshop™.  Click here for more information


In addition to these cartographic accessories, the Vintyri Project also offers several free tutorials for mapmakers.  The most frequently downloaded of these is our raster mapping tutorial for FM8.  The official FM8 tutorial gives the user an in-depth introduction in vector mapping.  Our tutorial begins where the official tutorial ends and continues with an in-depth introduction in raster mapping.


*  Only the Vintyri Cartographic Collection.  We are not licensed to distribute these versions of the other add.ons.



Vintyri Tools and Licensing Information

Download the Vintryi icons – private use only:  Click Here!  (174 KB)


Using our free products legally – private and commercial - under the Open Game License 1.0a and Vintyri trademark licenses

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The Vintyri Project is committed to free, open source, open gaming


Free:  We sell nothing.  All Vintyri products are available free.  We neither solicit nor accept donation.  We do no kickstarters.  We sell nothing.


Open Source:  The original texts for Dungeons Daring and Jörðgarð are available free, both as PDFs and in editable form.  The original maps also can be downloaded and edited with Fractal Mapper™ 8.  Character portraits can be downloaded and edited with the combination Campaign Cartographer 3+ and Character Artist 3.  This allows you to modify the content as you please.


Open Gaming:  All Vintyri products are released under the Open Game License 1.0a.  This gives you the right to use our material at no cost in your own published works.  The third party products Bogie's Mapping Objects, the CSUAC and the Dundjinni Archives are released under End User License Agreements that permit the free personal and commercial usage.


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Fractal Mapper™ 8 is the official mapping program for the Vintyri Project.  For more information, go to:




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